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Noel ‘Razor’ Smith committed over 200 bank robberies and has 58 convictions to his name. He was jailed for life in 1997 and spent 35 years prison.
Now reformed and a successful author, he bares all on what life was really like In The Slammer.

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In The Slammer was recorded at MonkeyNut Audiobooks.


Hosted by Elliott Frisby and Noel ‘Razor’ Smith
Produced by Chris Byland
Music by Andrew Stamp

In The Slammer - Prison Smuggling (S1:E11)

August 9, 2021

This In The Slammer podcast, as you might have guessed, is on the theme of smuggling items into jail. We see it happening in the movies and on TV in crime shows, but does it really happen, and if so, how? Noel once again shares more stories with Elliott on this podcast from his time inside a prison cell, and tells us just some of the lengths that people go to get something smuggled into prison.

Noel 'Razor' Smith is a former bank robber who in his time as a criminal committed over 200 bank robberies. He also has 58 convictions against him for various charges, including armed assault. Now a reformed character he bares all about what it was like doing time, being a criminal, and much more.

Hosted by Elliott Frisby and produced by Chris Byland.

In The Slammer was recorded at MonkeyNut Audiobooks



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